Home Selling Guide – The Main Steps

When your goal is to sell your home hassle-free, there is one sure way to make that happen.  Believe it or not, the only thing that you need to do is to understand how the selling process works.  When you have this information, you know what to expect and when to expect it!  There’s nothing worse than being surprised by part of the home-selling process while you’re mid-stream. Making a mistake along the way could cost you a lot!  Here you’ll learn about the step-by-step journey through the home-selling process.

Decision Time

You will face several decisions during the sale process.  However, there is one critical decision upon which everything else depends.  That decision is whether to sell in the first place.  Often home owners have no other option when faced with a cross-country relocation due to a career change or a new addition to the family. However, unless you are facing one of these situations, the choice to sell your home is just that – a choice. Once you have made the decision to sell, it’s time to move to the next step in the process. You can request a detailed market analysis of your home.

Professional Help – Realtor

There is a saying among real estate agents that being number three is lucky.  The truth in this statement applies when you are interviewing potential agents to sell your home.  Although you may actually end up working with the first agent you speak with, you should definitely speak with more than one candidate.  Unless of course you’re speaking with a Nik Shehu Property Group associate, in which case you’ve already found the best!  If you still feel the need to interview other firms, we’ll be happy to give you an interview guide that will help you with this process.  Asking other Realtors these essential questions will allow you to feel confident in your decision.

When you speak with a potential real estate agent, ask him or her about the type of listing contract that you will be expected to sign, the agent’s philosophy on listing prices, local market statistics and how your home will be marketed to other agents and potential buyers.  These four pieces of information are all critical. If an agent is unwilling to discuss these topics, then he or she probably isn’t your best partner in the sale process. Avoid selecting an agent based on his or her estimate of your home’s value.  Going with the agent who will list your home at the highest possible price may seem like an attractive strategy, but later you may come to learn that your home is overpriced and that no one is looking at it.  This is one of the biggest pitfalls when selling your home. Some agents will price a home as high as possible just get the listing. That’s not the kind of agent you need to partner with

Preparation and Pricing

Long before the “for sale” sign is erected on your lawn, you will need to begin preparing your home for sale.  Start with a complete top-to-bottom inspection of the home. Remove any unnecessary clutter from the home, so that you are able to see what has been behind those piles for so many years!  Of course, disposing of unnecessary items will make the moving process much easier on everyone. Once you have cleared out those items that you do not intend to keep, it’s time to start looking over what is left. Nik Shehu Property Group agents can walk with you in this process as well and guide.

In general, potential buyers are more attracted to homes that allow them to visualize.  Specifically, they want to visualize their family sitting around the dinner table, and they want to visualize their belongings where yours are now.  The less cluttered your home is, the easier it will be for buyers to do this sort of visualization.

You’ve probably come to the realization that you will need to remove even some of the things that you want to keep.  You can move extra furniture into the garage, or consider temporarily renting a storage space while your home is for sale.

You will probably be overwhelmed by how spacious your home has suddenly become, and you will probably also begin to notice its signs of age.  A fresh coat of paint and professional carpet cleaning will definitely improve the look of your home. Since the rooms are now much less crowded, now is the perfect time


Once you’ve finished with the interior of your home, move to the exterior and focus on curb-appeal!  You need to make sure that the photos appearing in real estate listings make your home look as appealing as possible. Make sure that your lawn is in good condition, free from bare or brown spots.  Planting grass seed is simple and can make a huge difference in the appearance of your lawn.  Next, make sure that your shrubs are neatly trimmed to show potential buyers that you have cared for your landscape.  Keep the lawn free of toys, bikes and other items that can make it appear cluttered.  Finally, make your porches, decks and patios inviting! Consider buying new cushions for your patio furniture. Add a few large flowerpots filled with bright, seasonal flowers and make sure that the surfaces are clean and clear of clutter.


Ah, let’s not forget the best part…pricing your home. As mentioned earlier, it is wise to work with an agent that gives all the market data and is honest about the market value not someone that will tell you anything you want to hear just to get your listing. Ultimately, you are the decision maker on the listing price, but an honest agent will let you know the pros and cons and guide you wisely in that decision. Nik Shehu Property Group agents do just that. Ready to know what you home is worth? Click here for a home estimate.


Not paying attention to these four areas of home spelling can be a recipe for disaster.  In order to successfully sell your home, you definitely need to be prepared with a ready-for-sale home, a great realtor, a good idea of your home’s value, and the right price.  If all of these factors receive adequate consideration, it is almost guaranteed that your home will sell quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

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